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A Collaboration of Independent Artistic Practices
Leaf Geometry (Photograph, AG, 2005) Exploration of Serpentine (Sculpture, KA, 2008)

Keith Ackerman and Adam Glatherine are two Leeds based artists who began a collaboration in February 2013 which developed into a successful joint exhibition in May 2014.

This collaboration, now called Lens and Chisel, evolved in part from a discovery that Adam’s photographs allowed Keith to see qualities in his own work of which he had not been consciously aware.

Through their work on this joint project Keith and Adam look to explore the interplay of two and three dimensional forms. Presenting their sculptures and photographs together is an attempt to communicate a richer and more rounded experience of their mutual aesthetic.

The two dimensional object of the photograph presents a singular (and selective) contained view of the three dimensional sculpture. Yet the extreme containment of the viewpoint, coupled with few cues as to scale, can suggest truly expansive objects or landscapes. By contrast the three dimensional unconstrained view we have of the sculpture reveals a contained object of specific scale with clearly defined edges. Yet the ideas that these forms represent, spread beyond the physical form of the sculpture in a way that is metaphorically similar to the expansive vistas implied by the photographs.

Adam is a photographer and lighting designer with an initial degree in Contemporary Creative Practice and a second degree in Engineering. The parallel interlinked processes of pursuing a photographic practice and running an architectural lighting design firm enrich Adam’s exploration of how the combined factors of quality of light and position of view dramatically influence our perception.

Following a career as a Chartered Electrical Engineer, Keith came to sculpting relatively late in life. Following Sculpting courses at Bradford and York colleges, including 7 years with the sculptor Dominic Hopkinson, Keith concentrates on stone carving and bronze casting as his main artistic processes. Keith’s sculptures are abstract and often made from local stone.

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